Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

Damià Barceló Cullerès

Damià Barceló Cullerès, Master (Tesina) in Analytical Chemistry and Ph.D. in Chemistry, and Faculty of Chemistry of University of Barcelona. He is the Research Professor (permanent staff) of the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, Spanish National Research Council; Scientific Director of Institute for Water Research/Technology Park of the University of Girona; Full Professor Chair in Biology of College of Science under Distinguished Scientist Fellowship Program at King Saud University, Riyadh and Saudi Arabia, Member of American Chemical Society, Institute of Catalan Studies, and Member of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Since 2010 he is listed among the most internationally cited scientists, he has an H-index 133 and 78,599 citations. His scientific career has been dedicated to Environmental Chemistry with the aim to solve different environmental problems in the field of water quality. His important contributions have been particularly in the development of methods for controlling organic pollution by the “emerging pollutants” (polar pesticides, surfactants -detergents-, endocrine disruptors and pharmaceutical products, illicit drugs and carbon-based nanomaterials) in waste and natural water. During the last ten years, his research group has obtained key results that have provided better monitoring data for risk assessment of surface, waste waters and ground waters as well as provided results on risk and remediation studies for emerging pollutants. These results have served as the basis for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable aquatic environment.

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